What is Fablab?

In 2015 São Paulo City Hall created the public network of twelve laboratories of digital fabrication Fab Lab Livre SP. The laboratories are places of creativity, learning and innovation accessible to all interested in creating, developing and building projects. Through collaborative processes, knowledge sharing, and the use of digital manufacturing tools, the Fab Lab Livre SP brings to the population of São Paulo the opportunity to learn, design and fabricate many types of objects and at different scales.

The laboratories are provided with 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutter, CNC milling machines, computers with CAD design software, robotics and electronics components, carpentry and workshop tools. The units of Fab Lab Livre SP have a dynamic staff that encourages shared learning and creativity through making, and helps the development of projects.

Through a process of humanized teaching, it is offered courses, workshops and lectures, disseminating the production of knowledge in art, technology, science and innovation. The Fab Lab Livre SP democratizes access to new technologies of digital manufacturing, providing the population with the most up-to-date technological tools and fostering collective experiences in a innovative environment. 

The thirteen laboratories are part of the Public Network of Digital Fabrication Laboratories Fab Lab Livre SP, covering all regions of the city of São Paulo. The Public Network of Digital Fabrication Laboratories aims the development of creative and innovative ideas that benefit the community and the emergence of new professional opportunities.

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